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Our Scuba Diving trips are hosted for either our current Scuba and Skin Diving Students or Certified Divers that have already taken the class. Non-Divers are welcome to come along with their diving friends and chill while the others dive. Come explore the oceans with us in the morning and the local nightlife in the evening. There's something for everyone on this trip! 

Our Camping Trips are hosted for Wilderness Skills Students are Instructors/Helpers only, for now! Our trips consists of daily canoeing trips, lessons on building a fire, nature walks teaching the students about the local wildlife & plenty of free time for students to cook, hangout and relax. 


Our Skiing and Snowboarding Trips are hosted for anyone who wants to learn how to Ski or Snowboard. Get ready to get cozy! you'll be able to get your groups lessons in the morning, practice what you've learned in the afternoon and come back to your condo to meet up with your friends and relax at shops restaurants, pool, fire pit and more! 

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