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North-South Lake Camping Trip September 2020

Dates: Monday Sept. 21st to Wednesday Sept. 23rd   Extra day (24th) available if you'd like to stay! 
(You do not have to stay for the entire duration of the trip, if you need to arrive a day late or leave a day early, or both, that can be done! whatever days you want, we can book for you!) 
Cost: $52 per group + Activity fees 
The campsite fee is about $25 per night (+taxes), each campsite can hold up to 6 people and 2 vehicles. You can choose who you want to camp with. You can camp by yourself and pay the full fee or bring a group of friends and split the cost, thats all up to you. If you also choose to stay for a shorter duration that will lessen the cost for you.
Depending on what you want to do that week (we'll have a suggested schedule) you can pick and choose your activities which will affect your trip price. Activities and their fees will be shown below.
Exact Location: North-South Lake Campground
Click                    to see the campsite website and learn more about the location, amenities, rules, directions, etc. 
Transportation: Transportation is up to you
We ​don't have a bus or any transportation set up for this trip. 
Because of COVID circumstances it would be best if we all travel separately to and from the campground. So you can drive yourself or carpool with a friend. Whatever works for you! 
Activities & Costs:
Hike: Free! Make sure to bring good shoes! This will be our main               activity, the Catskills has A LOT of trails to choose from.                     We'll have a set time to hike but we'll provide trail maps to                 choose from.
Fishing: $5 daily or $10 weekly permit fee,                                                               make sure to bring your own gear! If you want a license                     purchased for you, please indicate so during registration                     and we can do that for you! 
Biking: Free! But bring your own bike 
Unfortunately, Kayaking and Canoeing isn't available for this trip because there are no rental spots nearby and no NY campground have rentals open this season for COVID reasons. But if you have your own canoe/kayak, you're more than welcome to bring it and explore the lake! 
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