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Fort Lauderdale      Scuba Diving Trip June 2021 

Dates: Monday June 7th - Monday June 14th 
If you are getting certified you MUST be in the pool by 8am on June 7th. So we recommend you book a room for the 6th and arrive a day early of get a very early flight for the 7th. But you MUST BE READY FOR THE POOL by 8am on Monday June 7th 
Exact Location: Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach -       a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Booking your hotel room is your responsibility. That way you can book whatever room you like with however many friends you'd like to bring. 
Below is the link for a discount on your room.
Dive Students 
7th -----  Pool Training 8AM
8th -----  Pool Training 
9th -----  Checkout Dives
10th ----  Checkout Dives 
11th ----- Open Water Dives
12th ----- Open Water Dives
13th ----- Open Water Dives
14th ----- Open Water Dives
                 Done by 1pm 
You must ensure you waited 18 hours after you last dive before you fly 
Certified Divers
7th -----  Arrival and Dives
8th -----  Dives
9th -----  Dives 
10th ----  Dives  
11th ----- Dives
12th ----- Dives
13th ----- Dives
14th ----- Dives
                 Done by 1pm 
You must ensure you waited 18 hours after you last dive before you fly 
Cost:  Depends on what you'll be doing! 
The Flight and Hotel if your responsibility to book. 
Book your hotel with the code below to get a discount on your room.
For Diving it costs about $100 per day. 
This does not include gear so your registration form will include a gear page. Is should cost around $20 a day for gear. 
For divers who did not get to finish their diving course at Queens College, the certification price is $75
To secure your spot on the dive boat, K-Star will be collecting the $300 Deposit 
Transportation: Transportation is up to you
Booking your flight and all other transportation is your responsibility. The dives and lessons will be conducted in the hotel/right next to the hotel, so you don't need transportation to and from the dives. 
If you're getting certified, it is also your responsibility to ensure you arrive at the pool at 8am on June 7th. So either book your flight at very early hours or the day before. 
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