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Meet the Crew!

The man who started it all...


Dr. Harry Hoehn has been enamored with water sports since he was young. Born in 1930, he began lifeguarding in 1947 at Eighth Avenue in Asbury Park. Doc spent the next twenty-five summers in Allenhurst, before moving to Loch Harbor in order to take over lifeguard operations there from 1970 to 1977. Doc has been a long time competitor in lifeguard tournaments as a rower and after his competing days ended, went on to judge them. Additionally, he collaborated with New Jersey state legislators to formulate policies for beach safety that remain in place to this day.

Doc was a skin diver between 1945 and 1951.

He also served in the Army, joining in 1954 and was eventually stationed in Okinawa. He completed the US Army’s rigorous Water Survival School in 1954. While there, he was trained in scuba diving, initially doing helmet diving before continuing on to traditional scuba. After the Army, he worked as a scuba stunt man from 1960 – 1965, appearing on television shows such as NBC’s Sea Hunter.

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He remains a NAUI and PADI certified dive instructor, holding Master Scuba Diver Trainer status at PADI. Over the course of his career he has certified over 2,000 divers and continued to enable daring people to connect with epic experiences all the way up until his passing in October 2020. 

He completed his Doctorate, at Columbia University in 1961, writing his dissertation on the subject of Scuba Instruction. He eventually instituted the first open water scuba course within a college curriculum at Queens College in 1968. He was also a decorated swim coach, leading the men’s team to several undefeated seasons between 1969 and 1974. Dr. Hoehn eventually developed additional programs at Queens College, including skiing, snowboarding and wilderness survival skills. These programs continue to invite students attending college in NYC to experience the wider world.

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